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How Accreditation Will Affect Your Search for Massage Therapy Education in 2017 [Video]

Posted by Brie Timings on Mar 10, 2017 10:52:09 AM

Accreditation is the process of recognizing someone as being qualified to perform a particular activity, and it may come as a surprise to you that until now there hasn't been a national accreditation process in place for massage therapy schools in Canada. This means that while all Colleges have been required to be approved by the Private Vocational Institutions sector of the provincial governments, the specifics and depth of massage education have been left up to the institution's leadership (excluding the four regulated provinces). 

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3 Things You Did Not Expect from Massage School

Posted by Brie Timings on Mar 8, 2017 4:03:05 PM

Don't get me wrong. You're going to have sleepless nights of study, complicated assignments and test questions that make you go, "...huh??" But in between the stress of study, juggling of school, work and family and bowls of KD for every meal of the day are three things you never expected from your time at Wellington College.

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The Top 5 Trends of Successful Massage School Entrance Essays [SlideShare]

Posted by Brie Timings on Jan 23, 2017 8:15:53 AM

The Entrance Essay as part of your application to the Massage Therapy Programs at Wellington College is really your chance to share your unique perspective on becoming a massage therapist. Regardless of the state of your transcript, your essay can push you to the top of the Acceptance pile, above all other applicants, if written well and with honesty. After years of reading through thousands of Entrance Essays, the Admissions Team at Wellington has identified the top five trends of successful massage school Entrance Essays.


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4 Foundational Funding Resources to Put You Through Massage Therapy School

Posted by Brie Timings on Dec 12, 2016 1:47:38 PM

We totally get that the price of massage therapy school is daunting. Most massage colleges are private vocational institutions, that don't financially benefit from the government like their counterparts in the public sector do. In Manitoba, there are no public schools that offer massage therapy programs, so your massage therapy diploma will cost between $20,000-$25,000 CAD.

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